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Better than a cooking show on TV, the Quince Studio is fully interactive. Take a Quince hands-on cooking class in our contemporary Cooking Studio and learn how to prepare extraordinary cuisine. Whether you want to learn the basics, upgrade skills, or expand your culinary repertoire, Quince offers an array of courses to appeal to diverse levels and interests.

Our spacious kitchen Studio provides a comfortable yet professional environment. It is fully equipped with everything you need to translate the beauty of natural ingredients into unique and delicious creations.

The recipes we use are "serious foodie" material, yet simple enough to execute at home. The classes are fun, educational and social with students meeting others who share the same passion for food.

Whether you choose to come to one class, join our Quince Essentials series, or book a private class with friends, family or colleagues, our goal is to empower you to create delicious and beautiful food while having a great time. Always enjoy the fruits of your labour at our beautiful harvest table in Quince's front gallery.

Check out the shorter demonstration classes in the Quince Bar & Tasting Series. Sit at the kitchen counter, relax while we mix a drink for you and cook and serve some delicious tapas.

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